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OITNB is the kind of show where you can’t ever decide who your favourite character is.

But you know it’s not Vee.

Well it sure as hell isn’t Larry.

Who the fuck is Larry?

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I’m here. After an amazing vacation with Fiona and her lovely family. Leaving her behind was heartbreaking. I miss her already and I’m not looking forward to not being in frequent contact with her. I can’t stop crying. I know it’s just a few weeks, but I wish I never have to leave her side again. This hurts too much.


Lascaux Caves

The Lascaux Caves are a complex of caves in southwestern France that is famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings. They contain 900 of the most perfect surviving examples of Upper Paleolithic art and are estimated to be 17,300 years old. They primarily consist of images of large animals, most of which are known from fossil evidence to have lived in the area at the time. 

The caves have been banned to the public since 1963, as any human presence in the caves is regarded as potentially destructive to the perfectly-preserved artwork due to carbon dioxide exhalation and the possibility of introducing foreign bacteria and fungi.


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Once upon a slide…the first microbiology book for 5 year olds!

At last! No more bed time fairy tales about damsels in distress, princesses in pink and knights in white shining armor.

Move over Disney. This is a world we should be opening our kids up to. Steeped in reality. A world 1000x more exciting than those lands too far far far away, and it is all playing out under our very noses, inside our refrigerators, outside our back doors and throughout our own bodies.

Thank you to Nicola Davies (author) and Emily Sutton (illustrator) for this beautiful non-fiction children’s book that introduces young readers to microscopy.

I can’t wait to buy this for my nieces.

Let me know if you need help with the histological sequel ;)



View more of Emily’s beautiful artwork at her website

Find out more about award winning author Nicola at her blog/website

Images and book (ISBN:1406341045) seen at amazon.com and via Walker Books 

We are SO down with this.

Where was this book when I was a kid?

Fabulous! Kids will love this!

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