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Feminist Dictionary: Heteronormativty →


By: Alex M.

My initial assignment was to write about heteronormativity, but first a prelude: On March 25th, I went to The Campaign for Southern Equality’s Jackson MS direct action event for marriage equality. The Campaign for Southern Equality has a campaign called “We…


The world looks better through a scientific lens. According to the 2014 Wellcome Image Awards winners, anyway. Here’s my favorites:

  • At top we see the cross-section of a lily flower bud by Spike Walker, perfectly illustrating the ordered anatomy of a bloom, from eggy ovules to spermy stamens to beautifully bundled petals and sepals.
  • Next, we see a pair of wee monsters, an electron micrograph image of a louse embedded on a human hair, by Kevin Mackenzie, and a zebrafish embryo, all eyes on you, by Annie Cavanagh and David McCarthy.
  • Next we see the false-colored silver oxide flowers that “grow” from stems of calcium carbonate after agricultural sludge is burned at high temperatures, from Eberhart Kernahan. Next to that is a rather painful-looking kidney stone that could be mistaken for an alien moon, by Kevin Mackenzie.
  • Finally, an x-ray of a bat, by Chris Thorn, reminding us that the wings of those much-maligned mammals are just really big webby hands.

Check out the full winners’ gallery here.

(via freshphotons)

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