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David Mech and Luigi Boitani, “Wolves: Behavior, ecology, and conservation”, 2003  (via agameofwolves)

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Wolves have a basic aversion to fighting and will do much to avoid any aggressive encounters.

It has been observed that a socialized wolf had become frantically upset upon witnessing its first dog fight. The distressed wolf intervened and eventually broke up the fight by pulling the aggressor off by the tail.


sorry white people but if you dont support mike brown & the people of fergusons’ protests in 2014 you probably wouldnt have supported abolition in the 1800s or civil rights movements in the 1960s & having the ability to recognize something as morally justified in hindsight something that has already been accepted by the mainstream as morally justified is nice for u but on all practical levels useless to everyone else 

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Katie Orlinsky

Prison Portraits: The Ciudad Juarez Women’s Prison

War is complex. Sometimes there are obvious victims and clear perpetrators. One good. One evil. Black. White. But more often, participants in a war fall into a hazy middle category: They have committed crimes and suffered from them; inflicted wounds and salved their own.

U.S. photographer Katie Orlinsky moved to Mexico in 2006, just after graduating from college. The drug war surrounded her, and she quickly realized that women — not just men — were serving as its weary warriors, ferrying contraband and kidnapping kingpins. Between 2007 and 2011, the number of women incarcerated for federal crimes rose 400 percent. Orlinsky began to wonder: Who are these women? Innocent victims of a broken system? Cold-hearted criminals? Both?

In 2010, she entered the female prison in Ciudad Juárez and began photographing the convicted women inside. Below, she answers questions about the project.

1. Maria Sol Zocoro, 42, in prison for homicide

2. Nancy Nunez, 22, and daughter Claudia Marlen, 3. Nunez is in prison for drug trafficking

3. Laura Érika Mar, 23, in prison for homicide

4. Julia Fragozo, 28, in prison for drug trafficking

5. Yazmín Mendoza, 27, in prison for drug trafficking

6. Lorena, 50, in prison for drug trafficking. “I am not ashamed. There are worse things,” says Lorena. “My husband is dead and I did it for my children.”

7. Carla Soloria, 27, in prison for drug and weapons trafficking

8. Claudia Ramirez Contreras, 21, and Eunice Ramírez, 19, outside their prison cell in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The Ramirez sisters were models and party hostesses until they found themselves behind bars, accused of kidnapping

9. Abril Alvarado Ortega, 32, in prison for drug trafficking


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